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Sorel is a subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear based in Portland, Oregon that manufactures and distributes shoes.

One client under the name of G.S shared his/ her bad experience with SOREL delivery in a review published by SITEJABBER: “Placed an order in early Dec. And I am still waiting for my order. The order was apparently coming from China (according to the tracking number) and it did track to my home town, but what I received was a cheap bracelet HUH? Not exactly the boots I paid for. Can't connect with the company online. One big SCAM”


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Floor Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Good entry place to start after high school or even college but not a place to stay more than 6 months. I personally got paid an okay salary for starting off as part time but there were people who had 3 or 4 years that were supervisors making as little as me. Management is okay but many times they are not able to make their own decisions for the good of the store. Many times they have to get in contact with the district managers before approving anything in the store. This at times made it difficult as workers because we wouldn’t have a clear direction. not much room for growth since there are not many stores or positions within the stores"

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"A lot of standing and waiting, Limited direction. Lack of teamwork. Little to no motivation for making sales. Lack of customers. Barely any respect between to supervisors and the Floor workers."

Key Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot and worked with some great people. A lot of changes lead to having some terrible managers that don't know what they are doing. Very seasonal dependent brand that makes your pray for snow."

Susan Russo says

"Ordered shoes and opened an acct for free shipping. Chose free shipping. AFTER order was placed they charged me $19 for shipping. Emailed and they said they would return my email in 7-10 days. Chatted recieved no help from rude employee, Teanna B. Called and hold time was 17 minutes. I held and then it said hold time was 18 minutes. I held and you guessed it 19 minutes hold time. I couldnt make this stuff up. When I finally spoke with someone he complatly understood the issue but would do nothing about it, Have put stop payment on credit card. Absolutely awful service for turned out to be average/poor quality shoes."

EKA says

"Sorel sent me worn shoes, with no price tags. They had dirt marks all around the toes. I cleaned it tried wearing it but I did not feel comfortable wearing something clearly used before. I contacted Sorel. They told me that they cannot accept the shoes because they were worn. I don’t believe it, it was worn when they sent it to me."

LBM says

"I bought a pair of boots that had a black Friday promotion at £105. The delivery took forever. When I received them, I realised that they run small and I needed 1/2 size bigger. As Sorel does not accept returns, I had to buy a new pair but the offer was no longer available and they now were £150. I contacted them to see if I could get the bigger size at the same price and they refused. So this was the same customer for the same pair of shoes and just 1/2 size bigger. In the end, I did not buy the new pair, not because of the price increase, but because of their attitude. The boots were received at their warehouse 10 days ago and my return has not yet been processed. No one answers emails either. I will make sure I never buy through them again."

Dawn Ismay says

"Tried to process a paypal payment for Sorel boots through But was asked to input card details which I’ve never had to do with PayPal so I cancelled the transaction. It returned me to a Columbia site. Extremely dodgy to me so my advice to others would be to stay safe, stay clear!!!"